Ship management

The crew is the forefront of all activities and key to the vessel's safe and smooth day to day operation.Ekdanta shipping services pvt ltd understand that the crew is one of the most important factors in running the vessels we mann, and we fully aware that safeguarding these vessels and their owners interest requires the highly efficient utilization of the crews. Ekdanta shipping services pvt ltd ensure the competent manning of the fleet through highest standard maintenance and performance of the experienced captains, skilled officers and qualified crews. To ensure safety at sea and security, Officers and crew are regularly trained aboard and ashore on the latest rules & regulations concerning the protection of the environment.

The company commenced with crew management and has grown to provide services which include the following

Crew management

Ship agency services

Ship management

Ship chartering & brokering


To provide our clients with competent, highly skilled and professional seafarers for all types of ships.


Aims to be the one of the leading sources of globally competitive, efficient, and disciplined marine officers and rating, who will cater to the needs of our international shipping emplyers/ principals.


The management is duty bound to maintain a professional staff, in all departments, imbued with continuously upgrade its standard operations to ensure long-term business relationship with the employers/ principals